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What We Do

NAViS is an international tax and accounting firm dedicated to foreign companies entering Japan market and domestic corporations expanding to overseas markets.

Our highly experienced professionals support you to develop and execute your global strategy.

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We Support your business

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From setting up a subsidiary to addressing transfer pricing issues, we can help you overcome the challenges you face, take full advantage of new opportunities and smooth your path to business success.
When you are doing business in Japan, you need professional advisors who are not only experts in the tax systems, regulations and customs, but who also have the experience, capabilities and resources to support your business activities. And that’s where
NAViS can help.

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An increasing number of corporations are seeking business opportunities out of Japan while the domestic market is shrinking. It is a great challenge to overcome the language and cultural barriers and bring success in business, especially for SMEs who are short of internationally experienced staffs. As an international accounting firm dedicated in outbound services, NAViS will help you with market research and M&A in overseas market, and provide continuous supports in international tax and accounting area.

inbound services


You wish to obtain clear insights before you decide to launch your new business or to invest into the new market, especially in foreign countries. The feasibility study is conducted to assure your business idea is worth pursuing further. We focus on building a close relationship with customers, identifying your real needs to provide the right solutions and expertise for you to discover the insights into your business.



Designing the best investment structure for your business is one of the most important decisions you will make. The decision will affect you legally and financially. There are many things to be considered, from controlling power to tax efficiency. We will communicate with you well to understand your business and come up with the best solution.



Once you’ve made a decision to enter Japan market, you might set up a new entity in Japan. As part of incorporation process, you are required to lodge lots of documents with authorities such as memorandum and articles of association, and tax registration. If you transfer an expatriate, an employment pass is required to be obtained. You also register with social security authority when you hire employees. To free up your resources from such administrative tasks to concentrate on high-level managerial tasks, NAViS will provide incorporation service, applying for all necessary registration on behalf of you.


NAViS will provide tailored outsourcing services. We undertake a part of your routine works so that you can focus on your core business.


You always seek for proper advice from professionals during the course of normal business. You need to know a tax implication before you make a decision on the deal. You need to understand how business decisions affect accounting and reporting. And NAViS is here to help you with these matter. We offer a wide range of advisory services, and our professionals will serve you as one strong team.


The importance of internal audit has been increasing across the industries as more fraud transactions are seen which gives huge negative impact on corporations. Many organizations, however, lack sufficient audit skills and in-house resources to meet the demands and challenges of today’s complex risk management and compliance landscape. It's tough task for internal audit team from headquarters to execute internal audit procedures on overseas subsidiaries where they are not necessarily familiar with local language, regulations and customs.

Our bilingual professionals with internal and external experiences will join your internal audit team and help examine the subsidiary’s business activities in Japan.


While there are significant benefits in an acquisition, it may also bring unexpected risks. To mitigate risks, preacquisition due diligence can be used to identify not only deal breakers but also any significant risks to be addressed, which may challenge your valuation assumptions.

outbound services


If you’re planning an international expansion, you need to learn the new market that you are entering and establish the robust strategy which helps you to penetrate overseas market. NAViS will guide you through our overseas networks.


An increasing number of corporations are choosing M&A as the fastest way to enter the foreign market. It's the biggest challenge, however, to achieve a successful Mergers & Acquisitions especially in away games where you are not familiar with language, culture, customs and legal system. NAViS helps you with M&A in overseas market.


International businesses face significant challenges. We understand that operating in a global environment while trying to understand complex international tax laws can impact your operations around the globe. NAViS offers a range of advisory services in order to help our clients meet those challenges and help your business grow and succeed in the global marketplace.  

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