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NAViS is an international accounting firm that is devoted to international enterprises who operate a business across the border. Our tax, accounting and business consulting professionals welcome the opportunity to learn about your business and provide you with world class accounting services and business consulting expertise.

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 11 Dec, 2019 

NAViS's CEO, Joey Shuhei Miyake, has released a book titled Japan Incorporation for Foreign Business Owners.

It is a dual-language [Japanese-English] book with parallel text.

"In this book, I answered the questions that have been raised during the course of our services. I hope this book will help top management, legal and financial department at headquarters, local management and back office at Japan offices, professionals supporting foreign corporations, and all others who are in need to understand the Japanese company system more deeply." 

― ​Joey Shuhei Miyake  

 Dec, 2019 

NAViS's CEO, Joey Shuhei Miyake, has been appointed as a member of the International Tax Committee of Japan Institution of CPAThis committee is expected to monitor tax legislative and regulatory developments regarding international tax.

NAViSは世界155ヶ国以上に拠点を有する会計法務の国際ネットワーク IR Global の Exclusive Member です。


NAViS is exclusive member of IR Global, a worldwide professional services network that provides legal and accountancy advice to companies and individuals across 155+ jurisdictions. Our members work closely with each other to create the very best client solutions.

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